It is for March 2010.

We had the choice to cross with several kinds of boat: liferaft, tender, canoe, zodiac or prototype. Let us leave that to boldest.

English catamaran Catalac, 9 m/4t, of average Joe was retained. Equipped with 40 m2 originally sails and considered lazy, it will be equipped with the OMEGA-SAILS – kites of 40,60 or 100 m2 following the winds to reach better averages.

Largest trawlers will soon follow.


This crossing is now possible thanks to the big sizes kites easy to use by a novice and easy to adapt on existing boats up to 15 m.

They were born from an observation : the dynamic kites with kitesurf design are usable for boats only with a permanent piloting and hard handlings of launching/reception and are therefore reserved for sportsmen on small boats.

Here is the position of the boat in real time (test map for the moment). Click on the map for details day after day.

© Barme


Tuesday, December 22, 2009, base of Port-Napoleon, golf of Fos:

the boat is equipped for its crossing, tests will proceed in January and February until leaving for the Canary Islands. It especially remains to validate navigations during one whole night .